Comment: Who would have thought that I'd still be in the army!! I just love it and I'm proud of what I do. To those planning to join the military- go for it. It's a proud tradition that we follow. I volunteer(off duty) at the AMEDD Museum at Ft Sam, and I still stand in awe as I read about our military history. HOOOOOOAAAHHH!!!
Name: Helen D. Macaraeg <>
City: San Antonio, TX
Branch: US Army (Active)
Country: USA
- Fri Jun 8 13:35:02 2001
Comment: very interested
Name: winter keyes
City: ft. bragg, nc
Branch: army
Country: USA
- Fri Jun 8 13:32:56 2001
Comment: Served at Parris Island 1974-1978. MOS 4131
Name: Ruth Adams <>
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Country: USA
- Fri Jun 8 11:16:18 2001
Comment: Find this site very interesting. Visit site often.....
Name: Marlene (Barrrett) Moore <>
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Country: USA
- Fri Jun 8 8:01:29 2001
Comment: very nice site here well done i say bravo keep up the good work. i have really enjoyed viewing your work and reading different entries. Thanks sgt wilson 11th a/c 3rd sq k troop
Name: Bernie <>
Branch: Army
Country: USA
- Fri Jun 8 7:30:11 2001
Comment: This is a insight to the women in the military. I still don't know which road I want to take but something inside me wants to do this for myself and my country. I look forward to more essays. Caroline Werle
Name: Caroline Werle <>
City: colorado springs, CO
Branch: Considering AF Reserves
Country: USA
- Fri Jun 8 1:31:15 2001
Comment: Good idea to bring women of the armed forces together.
Name: Christina L. Wilson
City: Joliet, IL
Branch: USAFR
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- Thu Jun 7 17:45:09 2001
Comment: Nice site. I hope it continues.
Name: Mary L Dixon <>
City: Cheyenne, WY
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Comment: I'm glad I found this site. Unfortunately, it was by chance that I did. I was entering in the Atwind Game when I saw this site.
Name: Mrs. Nija R. Mallory <>
City: Vacaville, California
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- Thu Jun 7 9:59:47 2001
Comment: It's a very good enlighting site.
Name: Sharon Wentworth <>
City: Kennewick, Wa
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- Wed Jun 6 22:21:13 2001
Comment: I am excited to see if this can takeoff and become a networking site for women mentoring women.
Name: CMSgt Gail L. Harrell <>
City: Pope AFB, NC
Branch: USAF
Country: USA
- Wed Jun 6 14:46:35 2001
Comment: Enjoy your site!
Name: Margaret A. Copley <>
City: Inver Grove Heights, MN
Branch: Army Reserve (Ret)
Country: USA
- Wed Jun 6 13:47:44 2001
Comment: Nice to see a site dedicated to active duty women and vets. I have been retired for a year and have fond memories of my military career. (even if I used two branches of service to get to that point) No regrets !!
Name: Heike Knispel
City: Killeen, TX
Branch: Navy and Army
Country: USA
- Wed Jun 6 13:34:07 2001
Comment: I think that by the women in that military speeking out about what they do is good because it grabs the attention of young girls thinking about joining.
Name: TaNeka Ray <>
City: Fontana, Ca

Country: USA
- Wed Jun 6 12:05:19 2001
Comment: A much needed and very informative site. For over 26 years I witnessed many injustices suffered by women and minorities in the military. There is great strength in numbers, so continue to work of giving us all a level playing field.
Name: Charles Lewis <>
City: Terre Haute, Indiana
Branch: U. S. Air Force
Country: USA
- Wed Jun 6 9:24:41 2001
Comment: I just found this site, but it has so much to offer, I will have to come back to see it all!
Name: Ramona Hepworth <>
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Comment: I'm only 17 years old! This site has helped me to sorta be prepared!
Name: Kelley Clemons <>
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Country: USA
- Tue Jun 5 22:29:11 2001
Comment: This website is very informative. I would like to e-chat with any female, marine corps officer, who has child/ren, concerning career options, childcare, and marine corp experiences. Thanks and Love the site!
Name: Hellena Pugh <>
City: Chicago, IL
Branch: USMC Hopeful
Country: USA
- Tue Jun 5 22:05:31 2001
Comment: This is a great site, I am trying to get as much info as I can about the airforce, since I would like to join. All the women in the armed forces are inspirations to me. Aim-High
Name: christina <CATWOMANAF@CS.COM>
City: Anaheim,CA

Country: USA
- Tue Jun 5 19:35:49 2001
Comment: I am a YNSA and am proud to be in the Navy!
Name: Lorraine Swinson <>
City: San Diego, California
Branch: Navy
Country: USA
- Tue Jun 5 16:22:53 2001
Comment: Enlisted in the WAC May 1973 - Feb 1977 MOS: 72F20 (Communications Center Specialist); got out to complete college using GI Bill - bored after six months! Enlisted in the Navy August 1977 - December 1986 (Personnelman).
Name: Erica Goslin Burnam <>
City: Alexandria, VA
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- Tue Jun 5 13:53:31 2001
Comment: I find this site to be very informative.
Name: Pam Blackowiak <>
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Comment: Wonderful site. Vast amount of information helpful to women. Keep up the good work.
Name: BettyLou Pielin <BLEMERALD@AOL.COM>
City: DeLand, FL
Branch: Army WAC
Country: USA
- Tue Jun 5 9:40:49 2001
Comment: I am trying to locate a female Navy Nurse that served during the Vietnam War, and went by the name of KIT CARSON. PLEASE let me know, if you have any helpful information. Thank you very much! Jodie Hodges
Name: Jodie Hodges <>
City: Bryan, TX
Branch: Daughter of Vet
Country: USA
- Tue Jun 5 0:19:09 2001
Comment: I loved looking at your site, it has given me great ideas about the military. I'm in the MCJROTC at my high school and plan to join the marines as soon as i get out. Thank you for your wonderful site and information.
Name: Christa L. Ormson <>
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Comment: It was wonderful to find this web site! I will definitely return! Thank you very much!
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Comment: I'm glad it's here!
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Comment: This is a great website! Very informative and interesting.
Name: Tara T. Clingman <>
City: Honolulu HI
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Comment: Enlisted 1975 - 1979. Looking for Dress Blues / Hat. Need larger size. Can you help?
Name: Diane Dasher <>
City: Canyon Lake,TX
Branch: US Navy
Country: USA
- Sun Jun 3 3:23:30 2001
Comment: Resourceful
Name: Lupe Calderon <>
City: Highland, California
Branch: Army
Country: USA
- Sat Jun 2 16:08:34 2001
Comment: I am interested in finding info. on women veterns who served in 114th General hospital as Army nurses between 8/44 to 9/45 in Kidderminster, England . This is for my mom who servered our great country as 1st Lt. Mary M. Kelly in the Army nurse Corp.Any infro. is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Name: Elizabeth McManus <>
City: Northboro , Ma. 01532

Country: USA
- Sat Jun 2 12:15:55 2001
Comment: I was scaerd when I went into the military, in 1978. I was 23 years old. It had always been a dream of mine. I heard that my grandfather, and uncle went into the Army and I wanted to go into the Army. I never throught I would get a chance because of the law preventing women fom serving. I wanted to be like the men in the family and go to the Army. When I did got the opportunity my family was not happy, but I did not let it stop me from my dream. I loved my tour and the people I met. The Army made me grow-up more than I could image. I am grateful.
Name: Sylvia SNyder <>
City: moyock, nc
Branch: Army
Country: USA
- Sat Jun 2 0:20:16 2001
Comment: I found this link through the ATWIND (Around the world in ninety days). I have been out of the navy since 1979 and now am working at the newest Air Force Base in the world, Buckley AFB. I think this site is great!! I may come back another time and enter my infor here also.
Name: Lily Kulhawick <>
City: Aurora, CO
Branch: USN
Country: USA
- Fri Jun 1 17:29:42 2001
Comment: I entered the United States Navy in 1985 and was relased in 1989, and I'm trying to find out more on what my benefits still are. Do I still have the right to a VA loan? Who do I contact for more information?
Name: Roxanne Moody <>
City: Detroit. Michigan
Branch: USN
Country: USA
- Fri Jun 1 15:01:02 2001
Comment: I think it's exciting. I never knew this existed. I'll tell everyone I know. Thanks!
Name: Anne M. Cardenas <>
City: Scott Air Force Base IL
Branch: Air National Guard
Country: USA
- Fri Jun 1 14:26:39 2001
Comment: I really think this site is great., I only wish I would have found out about it sooner. I have already been to BCT and wish that I would have known more about it and what to expect. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask me.
Name: Betty McBride <>
City: San Antonio Texas
Branch: Army
Country: USA
- Fri Jun 1 13:39:58 2001