Comment: excellent website; glad to be recognized
Name: Donnie Richardson <>
City: Keysville, GA
Branch: AFRES
Country: USA
- Fri Apr 27 0:25:47 2001
Comment: its awesome!
Name: Kate Utterback
City: Des Moines, Ia 50315
Branch: Marines
Country: USA
- Thu Apr 26 13:49:42 2001
Comment: Thanks for putting a place for women in the military!
Name: Colleen Welch-Charles <>
City: Burke, VA
Branch: US Navy
Country: USA
- Thu Apr 26 13:08:41 2001
Comment: I'm a senior in Columbus High School in the Bronx and I'm interested in joining the military but I'm not sure what branch will be in my best interest. I'm scare of heights, dont know how to swim and I heard the the Marines is the most hardest service ever. I know not to listen to what others think but I want to join something more in my interest. Please contact me with some information about traveling and which branch will be more in my interest.
Name: Yanyka Troutman <>
City: Bronx, New York
Branch: Navy
Country: USA
- Thu Apr 26 9:20:07 2001
Comment: I casually mentioned to a friend that I was going to present a briefing at a local elementary school. She emailed this internet site to me and I am quite please. Now, I'll be able to provide our younger generation with more interesting information. Thanks.
Name: Georgia M. Royster <>

Branch: USAF
Country: USA
- Thu Apr 26 8:46:45 2001
Comment: I am trying to locate any sister Marines I graduated boot camp with, Platoon 4002, Jan 18, 1991, Parris Island. Semper Fi Marines !!!!!!!
Name: Melissa (Collins) Laird <>
City: Fort Dodge, IA
Branch: USMC
Country: USA
- Thu Apr 26 0:25:32 2001
Comment: Enjoyed this site very much. Was at Ft. McLellan, Ala. in July 1963..went to Fort Knox, Ky. then went to Frankfurt, Germany....Got out in Mar., 1965...
Name: Barbara Wild Sanborn <>
City: Tilton, New Hampshire
Branch: Wacs
Country: USA
- Wed Apr 25 20:32:07 2001
Comment: I am in ANCOC and I have to do a history report and I chose to do it on women in the military, so I am visiting your site to get extensive information.
Name: Vaniesa GC Price <>
City: Fayetteville, North Carolina
Branch: Army
Country: USA
- Wed Apr 25 20:04:51 2001
Comment: very informative
Name: Cindy Barnard <>
City: Indianapolis,IN
Branch: Army
Country: USA
- Wed Apr 25 17:56:32 2001
Comment: I think this is a good page.
Name: LouiseEagleShield <>
City: Lower Brule ,South Dakota

Country: USA
- Wed Apr 25 15:22:12 2001
Comment: Thank you for having a site for women veterans to go to getanswers to questions and inquiries.
Name: Kathleen Alvarez Heeren <>
City: Vacaville, CA
Branch: U.S. Army
Country: USA
- Wed Apr 25 12:06:22 2001
Branch: ARMY
Country: USA
- Wed Apr 25 11:50:49 2001
Comment: I've read alot of the stories and some a really inspirational. I would like to see more links to other offical military website as additional references.
Name: Laura Dutkiewicz <>
City: Boston, MA
Branch: NORTC
Country: USA
- Wed Apr 25 11:49:30 2001
Comment: i'm excited to see women in the military services, especially the marines. my older brother is a marine and i have seen the video tapes of what they had to go through. talk about endurance and will. i'm on this website because i'm doing a research paper for a class at school, and i recieved lots of helpful info.keep up the good work. sincerely, beth
Name: Beth Jones
City: lake jackson tx.
Branch: none
Country: USA
- Wed Apr 25 10:03:26 2001
Comment: fantastic
Name: Colleen Mccormack <>
City: Mooroolbark, Victoria
Branch: nill
Country: Australia
- Wed Apr 25 5:23:20 2001
Comment: Thank you for such a wonderful site. It's just great to be able to communicate with my sisters.
Name: Marion Evonne Anderson <>
City: Houston, Texas
Branch: Air Force
Country: USA
- Wed Apr 25 5:11:08 2001
Comment: Thank You.
Name: Yvette Herrera <>
City: Port Hueneme, CA
Branch: USN
Country: USA
- Wed Apr 25 3:55:57 2001
Comment: HI, Ladies & Comrades!I'd like to start a women vets support group here in Portland, Oregon.I would like to focus on issues such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Fibromyalgia/Gulf War Syndrome, since they are so strikingly similar.Also, unfortunately, the other vet groups out there still treat female vets marginally.Please e-mail me if you're interested...
Name: Roberta Sesso <>
City: Portland, Oregon
Branch: Navy
Country: USA
- Tue Apr 24 21:59:28 2001
Comment: I'm using it for a research paper on female roles during times of activation.
Name: Victoria A. Stueck <>
City: Milwaukee, WI
Branch: USAR
Country: USA
- Tue Apr 24 10:17:43 2001
Comment: This site is really good about letting you know what to expect when you enter the Army or Navy. I hope to joining the Navy one day and this site was very helpful to me.
Name: Kylie Hutchison <N/A>
City: Bergholz,Ohio
Branch: AirCrew
Country: USA
- Tue Apr 24 9:26:49 2001
Comment: HI Women Veterans everywhere: Site is beautiful and I am delighted that it is in existence. I served in the last Women's Army Corp before became co-ed. I am creating a new American Legion Post in my area, Dennis, MA and would like to receive comments (good or neg.)from anyone who has done or would like to join. I'll be happy to email you information and to collect your stories. You can Email me Thanks so much for being there
Name: PAT PEDROLE (TRACEY) <wac01>
City: Dennisport, MA 02639
Branch: WAC
Country: USA
- Mon Apr 23 23:48:56 2001
Comment: An excellent site. I am doing a 'Salute to Women Who Served in the Military' for our local annual celebration and the info you provided was excellent.
Name: Fran Drewrey <>
City: Emmett, Idaho
Branch: none
Country: USA
- Mon Apr 23 23:33:51 2001
Comment: This is my first time to this site, I hope it will be helpful; I know it will be rewarding.
Name: Cathleen Avery-Ayson <>
City: Huber Heights, Ohio
Branch: US Air Force
Country: USA
- Sun Apr 22 20:08:13 2001

Country: USA
- Sat Apr 21 20:27:02 2001
Comment: looking for information on my grandmother who was in the navy in ww1 youman f on this her 104th birthday which we celebrated with her.
Name: Kathy Hogan <>
City: NY

Country: USA
- Sat Apr 21 19:03:39 2001
Comment: This is a fantastic site! Would like to hear from old friends stationed at Ft. Gordon, Fort Bragg, Patton Bks, Heidelberg, Germany. 1962-1964
Name: Peggy Barnes Hoffman <>
City: Northampton, Pa.
Branch: Army ,WAC
Country: USA
- Sat Apr 21 19:02:00 2001
Comment: This is a great site! I served in the WAC from 1962-64. Would like to hear from friends from FortMcClellan, Ft. Gordon, Ft. Bragg, Harvard Bks, France and Patton Bks, Heidelberg, Germany.
Name: Peggy Barnes Hoffman <>
City: Northampton, Pa
Branch: Army WAC
Country: USA
- Sat Apr 21 18:57:42 2001
Name: Barbara Hawley <>
City: Winsted, CT
Branch: USN/USNR
Country: USA
- Sat Apr 21 18:25:58 2001
Comment: Thanks for your efforts in putting together such an informative site. I am proud to have served!
Name: Margitta (Marg) Lutz - Pelton
City: Palm Harbor, Florida
Branch: USA/USN
Country: USA
- Sat Apr 21 16:04:05 2001
Comment: I would just like to say that I admire you girls and that I hope that one day your situation will become up to what you diserve and I would apreciate if you could send me some info on what you've been through
Name: Myrka Rodrigue <>
City: Hearst, On

Country: Canada
- Fri Apr 20 15:32:29 2001
Comment: I am about to start law school at Baylor and am interested in learning about the JAG Corps, both active duty and Reserves/National Guard.If anyone has further information, I would like to hear fromyou!
Name: Sandy Geier <>
City: Waco, TX
Branch: USAR
Country: USA
- Fri Apr 20 15:22:22 2001
Comment: I think this is great to keep in touch. I served my country in 1960 1961, I was stationed in san diego and really enjoyed it . I came home to missouri and married my high school sweetheart so I got out of the marines shortly after. We have been happy together for 40 years this month and have two grown children and two g children. I would like to catch up on the marine corps and try to find some of my old buddies.
Name: pfc ellie
City: independence missouri
Branch: marines 1960
Country: USA
- Fri Apr 20 15:05:00 2001
Comment: Am interested in things pertaining to military women inasmuchas I am a member of the Quad State Women Veterans organization here. Also have a weekly column in which I can share information with others. So, if you have anything you'd like to pass on, let me know. It's available to you.
Name: Su Carroll <>
City: Martinsburg, WV
Branch: USN (Ret)
Country: USA
- Fri Apr 20 8:36:01 2001
Comment: This site is a very interesting site where you can get help and find people who you can talk to,or get advice. I'm 15 years old, and since i was 13 i've been wanting to join a military service,and my first choice has always been the MARINES but i know people that are going to go to the ARMY and they talk about it. So basically know i dont know what branch i want to join,because i'm interested in both.So if anyone that has been in any of this services or can give me some advice or some information please e-mail me,i will gladly appreciate it. THANKYOU !!!!!!!!!!
Name: Letty Batalla <>
City: Houston Tx.
Branch: USMC or ARMY (still thinking)
Country: USA
- Thu Apr 19 18:59:00 2001
Comment: I am a 22 year old female. At this present time in my life and have no idea where I am going or where I want to end up. My father is a Viet Nam Veteran with 2 purple hearts. I am of above intelligence, very athletic, full of energy and can be very determined. I would like some insight as to what other women have gained by entering the military. Any response would be a great help to me in determing what to do with my life. PLEASE...THANK - CONFUSED...
Name: Ashley Marie Nilo <AMA@EV1.NET>
Branch: ANY
Country: USA
- Thu Apr 19 18:57:30 2001